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Preparing for Launch

Re-branding, re-posting, re-launching.

The music business is tough these days. The internet has democratized the process, giving literally anyone the capability to write, record, produce and release music; sometimes all in the same day.

With this democratization, it has become increasingly difficult to get your signal through the noise.

If you can do it though...

If you can break-through... the rewards are impressive.

Look at the bevy of youtube stars, breakout artists and musicians making a name for themselves, not to mention huge bucks, without the help of major backing. I read about this one kid who plays with toys on youtube and earned his family $11 million in a year!! Crazy.

Anyway, as we sit and try to navigate this emerging landscape, I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to launch our new single, and build it into an album release. So far, there is plenty of low hanging fruit. An update to the website here, a soundcloud revamp there, a few bucks for facebook and so on. The harder part is going to be ongoing engagement. Our hope is that the songs are strong enough to carry us along because unfortunately we are not great the social media stuff. Call it a generational gap. There's some laziness too. Branding is always an issue, plus time is always against us.

The good news however, is that I'm excited! It was gone for a little bit after a few time sucks, an unfinished project, and a falling out with some key members, but it's back, and it feels good!

So anyway, stay tuned, stay involved, share, like, etc. Drop us a line if you can help with anything we suck at, and regardless of if anyone reads this or not, do the thing! Whatever it is. Cause you'll never know if you don't try, and everyone needs a dream. Even us.

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