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Who's Mister Wonderful?

About the new song from Two Cent Sam.

The new track is one the guys have had hanging around for a while now. Inspiration for the song came from a nickname Mike's father had given him. Ever the sweet-talker, Mike would spin his way out trouble and arguments with his parents. This song is an adaptation of this idea.


Mr. Wonderful: A Bio

He could do no wrong in his own eyes.

(he still can't)

Hence the name Mr. Wonderful.

Yep, that's him. Old Mr. Wonderful. No matter what he does, it ain't his fault. He's stupid and gullible.

Burn our best, the days a way.

Hey, what do you care? You're SO easy going. It doesn't matter that he's insoluble. You wouldn't expect him to dissolve in water.

But that's alright man. You're SO easy going!

Sit back, relax and enjoy. Oh! And one more thing before you go. While you're at it. Don't forget to call me...

Mr. Wonderful!

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