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We're Back! Two Cent Sam Re-Discovers Technology

Two Cent Sam relaunches website to begin a new era.

It's certainly been a while! While we haven't exactly been dormant, we have certainly not kept up with our web presence. Call it lack of confidence, lack of motivation, or a fundamental disregard of the modern era.

Caveman Sitting at Computer

Let's face it, we're an older bunch who came up in the cassette era. To get noticed then, you need studio support, an incredible album, record sales, and all of the other stuff that doesn't seem to matter anymore. Now it's all democratized, and everyone can be a web star.

While the abundance of new opportunities is astounding, it has also made it difficult for us in many ways. Where to begin? What platforms do people care about? How can we make an impact in a sea of noise?

Like any great journey, it has to begin one step at a time...

So today, we are quietly relaunching our website. It's probably not pretty, there isn't a ton of content here and that's fine. This is the first of many steps that will hopefully lead to the thing that Mike and I have wanted since we started this whole music thing back when we were kids; to write a great song that people love.

The Road Ahead

So, with little to no fanfare, our journey begins. I've begun by outlining steps I think we need, in order to get some of our music "out there". I don't know where there is, but I hope it is in people's ears. We have been working long and hard on the great tunes that Mike has been writing, trying to perfect each part and every sound of our songs, to make them the best that they can become. Our collaboration with ToneHouse Studios has been a great asset, and so far the songs are coming out very well, IMHO.

As of today, we have essentially recorded the bulk of 4 songs, with all the major parts laid down. Our engineers will be working to "clean-up" the recordings and get some great mixes together. The next step will be putting some videos together, and finding ways to make people care about the song, video or both. Today has been the first step in building a platform to launch this endeavor. The re-establishment of the website, SEO tags on Google+, links to social media, etc, are the first place I decided to hit. I know that we're probably missing critical steps in all of this, but I am reminded of a line in one of my favorite movies, "Get busy living, or get busy dying."

So here I am, getting busy living. This blog will be awful at first, but it's a step. Our content will be awful at first, but we will get better. The one thing that won't change though, is the belief that Mike and I share, that these songs are GREAT! We hope you will follow our newest adventures and find yourselves with us at the top of the billboards one day.

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